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Here are 25 things.

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Bible Bites (Genesis 1 to 11): B’reshiyth בְּרֵאשִׁית


Piccadilly FTW!

I am still yet to purchase a new Bible (I still intend it to be a CEV, EDIT: or the NCV, whichever I can find first), and print off the Bible Reading Plan. But I have kept up to date, having had read Genesis 1 – 11 today, which is pushing it a bit I guess, but that’s a freedom allowed by this Reading Plan. I have purchased and used my Prayer Journal, which is reflective of my prioritising. And being that I am in a hospital as I write this (to be present for a family member), I have had a lot of waiting time to really consider my words as I pray. I didn’t end up buying a Moleskine after finding a cheaper alternative in the form of a Piccadilly Notebook. It has the same quirks as a Moleskine, including a pocket inlay which most appealed to me for keeping small pieces of paper with prayer points on them.

So for today I’ve used one of the NIV Study Bibles I was given in high school for Biblical Studies. Study Bibles are great for their introductory notes and commentary below the text. Although it can be distracting, I found it interesting to read that bereshith, which means “In the beginning,” was the original title of Genesis. And ‘Genesis’, being the Greek for ‘birth’, ‘genealogy’ or ‘history of origin’ was given by the writers of the Septuagint.

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