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This Gospel Presentation is brought to you by the letter P

God created us out of his pleasure and will. But out of pride we abandon God’s rule over us. This is a problem because we need God to keep everything good. Because of this, we are in poverty of God’s presence and things are messy, including relationships. Worse still, we deserve God’s punishment for abandoning him; that is, for him to abandon us. This is because we prostitute ourselves to anything by trusting that isn’t God. But God, out of his good pleasure and grace sent Jesus to take the punishment for our pride in abandoning God when Jesus said on the cross ‘My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?’ That is, Jesus became poor of God’s presence on the cross. But that sacrifice was pleasing enough for the prosecution of punishment God demanded. It made God propitious. So now, those God has predestined, will believe in him and they will enjoy the praise from God that Jesus deserved. They will enjoy the love and partnership with others who believe in this Gospel of Jesus. And they will have the presence of God in their hearts, through the Holy Spirit, helping them to repent of their pride and proclaim the Gospel as their lives point to Jesus. And at the end of it all they will await the return of Jesus whereby they will be praising him in paradise.


AFTER THOUGH: I’ve avoided the word ‘sin’. It’s not for the sake of avoiding the word. But I think to use the word ‘pride’ targets at the root of all sin, and thus might be even more effective.

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