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The pursuit of justice right now is a noble pursuit.

[A response to a Christian response to KONY 2012]

It matters.

As Christians, this pursuit is not one we should discourage or even condescend.

It is a right response to cried as Jacob cried for the death of his brother.

It is also right to cry as Jacob will cry for the defeat (or even death) of his brother’s murderer: the tears of someone who will feel vindicated.

These are appropriate responses regardless of whether or not you have been made a new person in Christ; regardless of whether or not you have received this sure hope we have in Christ that he will return as the enduring judge.

It is right for us to feel this sense of hope.

It is right for us to feel that the fulfilment of these will save the world – because they do [I will unpack this soon].

It matters.

It also matters that we express these emotions as creatively and as passionately as we are able. Our creativity allows us to express things that matter; our imagination allows us to see the world as it should be.

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New Year’s Resolution: Budgeting 2011

A New Year’s Resolution, such as getting more exercise or reading more Bible (for Christians), usually involves a dramatic change in one’s lifestyle such that requires quite a bit of discipline and determination. And after a month, nay the very first day, most of those that are resolute are likely to run out of steam. Thus I have never really been big a fan of NYR’s.

*coffee break*

SIDE NOTE: Before I fail to mention it, yes I have clearly been behind on my Bible Reading Plan, evidenced by the lack of ‘Bible Bites‘. But I have been taking the time to read through the rest of Genesis, and I will resume the reading plan as soon as I’ve written about that. Otherwise, I will probably stick to reading the Bible in chunks on an occasional basis, which is a tangent from the idea of a disciplined ‘daily devotion’, but I think this method also bears some benefits. Plus, I think I have the privilege of being exposed to so many resources (mostly online) that allow me to reflect on God’s word that I don’t feel the need to beat myself up about it.

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