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I said I would make a post.
Here are 25 things.

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New Year’s Resolution: Budgeting 2011

A New Year’s Resolution, such as getting more exercise or reading more Bible (for Christians), usually involves a dramatic change in one’s lifestyle such that requires quite a bit of discipline and determination. And after a month, nay the very first day, most of those that are resolute are likely to run out of steam. Thus I have never really been big a fan of NYR’s.

*coffee break*

SIDE NOTE: Before I fail to mention it, yes I have clearly been behind on my Bible Reading Plan, evidenced by the lack of ‘Bible Bites‘. But I have been taking the time to read through the rest of Genesis, and I will resume the reading plan as soon as I’ve written about that. Otherwise, I will probably stick to reading the Bible in chunks on an occasional basis, which is a tangent from the idea of a disciplined ‘daily devotion’, but I think this method also bears some benefits. Plus, I think I have the privilege of being exposed to so many resources (mostly online) that allow me to reflect on God’s word that I don’t feel the need to beat myself up about it.

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