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New Year’s Resolution: Budgeting 2011

A New Year’s Resolution, such as getting more exercise or reading more Bible (for Christians), usually involves a dramatic change in one’s lifestyle such that requires quite a bit of discipline and determination. And after a month, nay the very first day, most of those that are resolute are likely to run out of steam. Thus I have never really been big a fan of NYR’s.

*coffee break*

SIDE NOTE: Before I fail to mention it, yes I have clearly been behind on my Bible Reading Plan, evidenced by the lack of ‘Bible Bites‘. But I have been taking the time to read through the rest of Genesis, and I will resume the reading plan as soon as I’ve written about that. Otherwise, I will probably stick to reading the Bible in chunks on an occasional basis, which is a tangent from the idea of a disciplined ‘daily devotion’, but I think this method also bears some benefits. Plus, I think I have the privilege of being exposed to so many resources (mostly online) that allow me to reflect on God’s word that I don’t feel the need to beat myself up about it.

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Bible Bites (Job): If I was a rich man…

Previous Post: B’reshiyth בְּרֵאשִׁית

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been behind on my reading, which is to say, I haven’t done any reading that I had intended to. It’s not that I feel as if I’ve disappointed my rabid readers *cough*. But I feel like I’ve lost the flow I had intended for this blog and backtracking makes me feel cluttered (which is what I’ve tried to avoid by not having a lot of Widgets). It’s one of those things where I wish I could turn back time or slow down time enough so I could catch up. For, you see, before writing this post I had intended to have read

  1. God’s Undertaker (2007) by John Lennox – which I was foolish enough to procrastinate from buying at my church’s bookstall. Now only Koorong is selling it for under $10 and I haven’t been bothered to travel all the way up there myself. In fact, never have I ever been to Koorong (is usually my first response in that game).
  2. Paradise Lost (1647) by John Milton – which I could have found online but I had wanted to read God’s Undertaker before tackling this beast.

I guess I could set the Publish Date for the subsequent posts to days before this one but that would be cheating, not to mention confusing for you two readers. To fill in my own blank, I would say that if I was a rich man I would probably buy lots and lots of books (and DVDs) so that I would not have the problem of being behind.

Getting to the real blogging at hand, my last post left off with the people of the world scattered and no longer united by language as a result of God’s judgment on the people of Babel. Somewhere around this time, we find a rich man living in the land of Uz. I’m not entirely sure if this land was owned by the descendant of Noah through Shem (Gen 10.23), but it would add some cred to my Bible reading plan if it was 🙂

This man’s name was Job (Hebrew: אִיוֹב‎ ʾ iyov). It’s pronounced like joe-b, and NOT like the word for your occupation. And it seems like he wasn’t a descendant of Abram (I guess he could be considered a Gentile) yet he was faithful to God. He was just that good. And I know the Bible says that no one is good (Romans 3.12 and even Job 15.14) but Job comes very close, even to the extent that he would pre-emptively offer sacrifices as a precaution for the sins of his sons [1.5]. He was at least wise in his wealth.
He was both righteous AND rich.

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Bible Bites (Genesis 1 to 11): B’reshiyth בְּרֵאשִׁית


Piccadilly FTW!

I am still yet to purchase a new Bible (I still intend it to be a CEV, EDIT: or the NCV, whichever I can find first), and print off the Bible Reading Plan. But I have kept up to date, having had read Genesis 1 – 11 today, which is pushing it a bit I guess, but that’s a freedom allowed by this Reading Plan. I have purchased and used my Prayer Journal, which is reflective of my prioritising. And being that I am in a hospital as I write this (to be present for a family member), I have had a lot of waiting time to really consider my words as I pray. I didn’t end up buying a Moleskine after finding a cheaper alternative in the form of a Piccadilly Notebook. It has the same quirks as a Moleskine, including a pocket inlay which most appealed to me for keeping small pieces of paper with prayer points on them.

So for today I’ve used one of the NIV Study Bibles I was given in high school for Biblical Studies. Study Bibles are great for their introductory notes and commentary below the text. Although it can be distracting, I found it interesting to read that bereshith, which means “In the beginning,” was the original title of Genesis. And ‘Genesis’, being the Greek for ‘birth’, ‘genealogy’ or ‘history of origin’ was given by the writers of the Septuagint.

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At some undetermined time on this day I would officially have lived twenty-four years. That means in another year’s time, I will be twenty-five. Twenty-five. Venticinque. 二十五. 25. The age for J.K. Rowling when she road on a train from Manchester to London and ‘Harry’ just “fell into her head”. The age for Mark Driscoll when he had found Mars Hill Church in his apartment with his wife, Grace, and thirty students. And the age, I hope, that I will discover God’s will for my life.

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