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Protestant Pat (3rd Post): William Carey

Previously on Protestant Pat: Catholic Chronicles

Over the fence from my house, beyond the desert (that was in fact a sandy parking lot of the markets) and across the swampy creek was my high school, William Carey Christian School, which I will call ‘William Carey‘ for short. It’s funny that the school was named after a great evangelist (missionary) for it was through this evangelical school that Jesus had truly become a part of my life.

This movie reminded me of how I got to and from school, although I was never really brave enough to tie a rope to a tree and swing across it.

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Protestant Pat (2nd Post): Catholic Chronicles

Previously on Protestant Pat: Blue Baby

SIDE NOTE: Since I’ve started blogging I think I’ve caught a reading-bug. I believe it’s a little more exciting than the ‘travelling-bug’ since I sometimes get to use my imagination. But you may soon see more test-drives, ponderings and best of’s regarding my reading.

Growing up Catholic had never been a problem for me when I was in the Philippines. As far as I knew, Roman Catholicism was the only religion that existed. But here are a few episodes that I can retrieve from my fuzzy memory:


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