My Townsville Tale…

So a few days before the ‘mini tornado’ in Townsville, I was at a wedding there. It was a beautiful outdoors reception, which meant picnic blankets, canapés, and most importantly, a coffee cart. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I LOVE COFFEE! And they had excellent baristas. I didn’t even need a second coffee but I got one just because I didn’t really feel like introducing myself to more new people, being that the only people I really knew were the bride and the groom.

So after some time in line, I finally got my coffee and then saw the bride and groom. I walked over to get a photo.

But with my coffee still in-hand, I didn’t know where to put it. I had this moment of ingenuity where I decided to hide the coffee by putting my coffee hand around the bride’s back, as if to hold the couple in a photo hug.

And as you might have already guessed the coffee cup had a shaky journey on its way round and surely enough there was a big spot of coffee stain on the bride’s dress with collateral splatters in its surrounds…

After that, I almost never drank coffee again…

What that got me thinking was about how much I wanted to wash that stain away. But of course you can’t do that with a wedding dress, you’d have to dry clean it.

But do you know what washing with water does?

When we wash something, it’s the water that absorbs the stain from the clothing so that we might deem that clothing clean.

The amazing thing that Jesus did is that, on the cross, he saw the stain of our sin and absorbed it in himself. So that, in him, we may be found holy, blameless and pure in God’s sight.

Jesus paid it all

All to him I owe

Sin had left a crimson stain

He washed it white as snow

‘Jesus Paid It All’


About patricious

"The only instrument by which I am made a participant in Christ’s righteousness is God’s acting through my faith. I am born into that relationship through faith alone, not through any of its fruits, like mercy and justice and love and patience and kindness and meekness and so on, which turn me into a useful person in the world." John Piper

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