I said I would make a post.
Here are 25 things.

  1. I’ve got new glasses (which I’ve currently misplaced – Feeling my age).
  2. You thought I had graduated. NOPE! It’s just Chuck Testa.
  3. I’ve moved on from Harry Potter. My new geeklove is The Hunger Games. For some reason the fandoms I get into have a greater female following.
  4. My plans are still for student ministry. I like telling people I intend on going to Bible college (even though I doubt the possibility of it now and again). It leads to conversations where I get to tell them about Jesus.
  5. When my old technologies failed, so did my budgeting. I do still have  collection of receipts.
  6. I’ve upgraded my technologies. I still feel disorganised.
  7. I can no longer do all-nighters 😦
  8. I’ve gotten into fitness. I’m amazed by how God built our bodies. I realised I had to eat more (protein) to make me going to the gym worth it.
  9. I made Crème brûlée! My next cooking venture will be macarons.
  10. Listening to Tim Keller’s sermon ‘The Struggle for Love’ helped me to be content about singleness. I realised that I became desperate for marriage because I thought I needed it to get into ministry. I’ve listened to a lot of Tim Keller’s sermons this year. It’s been a real encouragement and a help in my evangelism.
  11. I haven’t read as much Bible on my own as I had planned to last year but I have enjoyed the fellowship of brothers as we read God’s word together.
  12. There are still things that I need to patch up (reconcile) with family and friends.
  13. I have a low view of myself, which doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m humble. In fact, I think it’s greater evidence of pride in my life. That’s not a good thing.
  14. God has given me some solid Christian friendships. Although I have a theory that friendships don’t have longevity with me (at least on this side of eternity).
  15. I have bookshelves. I intend to fill them up with good Christian books. And fiction.
  16. I’ve got a Twitter account. I’m still yet to write my first tweet.
  17. I’m not very good at blogging (evidently). I’m not a regular blogger anyway. Perhaps I should try vlogging.
  18. I don’t mind facebook upgrades.
  19. Costco mud cake is a cake of cakes.
  20. I’m going to (SUFM) Beach Mission for the first time.
  21. Our NTE Mission Team seems to be coming from further and further away.
  22. I want to pick up violin as my next instrument.
  23. I want to pick up parkour as my new hobby. I’d at least want to learn how to do a proper somersault.
  24. I will get my proper licence soon. I need a proper job.
  25. I need Jesus more than anything.

About patricious

"The only instrument by which I am made a participant in Christ’s righteousness is God’s acting through my faith. I am born into that relationship through faith alone, not through any of its fruits, like mercy and justice and love and patience and kindness and meekness and so on, which turn me into a useful person in the world." John Piper

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  1. I was just reading through your blog post and thought of a couple things you might like. Focus on the Family has a webzine for Christian singles called Boundless. I’m married, but they post all sorts of good stuff, some of which is relevant to any Christian.
    Another thing, since you’re a Christian book lover: you can get free Christian books if you agree to review them on your blog. I’ve been doing this since July, and I have read so many good Christian books in that time. The margin of my blog page has a bunch of links to Chrisitan blogger programs, if you’re interested.

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